To implement lazy loading on your WordPress site, you have several methods available. Here’s a summary of the methods based on the provided sources:

1. Upgrade to WordPress 5.4 or Higher

WordPress 5.4 and newer versions support native lazy loading for images and iframes. This means you can enable lazy loading without needing to install additional plugins or plugins that may add unnecessary overhead to your site.

2. Enable Native Lazy Loading Through the Browser

For browsers that support it, you can enable native lazy loading. This method is generally not as widely supported as the first method and might require enabling experimental features in your browser settings.

3. Install a WordPress Plugin

If you prefer a more straightforward approach or need lazy loading for other elements beyond images and iframes, using a plugin is a good option. Plugins like WP Rocket, Lazy Load, and SiteGround Optimizer (for SiteGround users) offer easy-to-use interfaces to enable lazy loading. Here are the steps to enable lazy loading using a plugin, specifically WP Rocket as an example:

  • Install and Activate WP Rocket: First, you need to install and activate the WP Rocket plugin. You can do this by navigating to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard, searching for WP Rocket, and clicking Install Now, then Activate 4.
  • Enable Lazy Loading: Once WP Rocket is activated, go to Settings > WP Rocket in your WordPress dashboard. Under the Media tab, find the LazyLoad section. Here, you can enable lazy loading for images, iframes, and videos by checking the appropriate boxes 4.

Using a plugin like WP Rocket is beneficial because it offers more flexibility and control over which elements are lazy-loaded, and it works well with a wide range of themes and plugins. Additionally, WP Rocket is known for its performance optimization features, making it a good choice for improving your site’s overall speed.


Choosing the right method for implementing lazy loading on your WordPress site depends on your specific needs and the browsers your audience uses. Upgrading to WordPress 5.4 or higher is the simplest method for native support of lazy loading for images and iframes. If you need broader support or want to lazy load other elements, using a plugin like WP Rocket is a reliable and effective solution.

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