What is a content delivery network?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers that deliver content. The purpose of the CDN is to cache and more quickly serve static content based on the geographical location between the origin server (the server your site is hosted on) and the user making the request. This means when someone in Japan visits your website hosted in the United States, it will load just as fast as a website hosted in Japan.

Not all CDNs are the same, some have a zone URL and others have a custom URL. The difference between them can be seen when viewing the source code for your page

Whether you’re using a zone URL CDN or a custom URL CDN to cache the static elements of your website, a CDN can your click-through rates since slow loading websites are often abandoned before they load.

You can see the details here
We use CDN for WordPress Website Builder and many other products.

New Website Builder v8 – SEO and Mobile-first Focus

Given all the changes to SEO, v8 sites also perform much better than v7 due to mobile-first focus, better performance and being optimized for conversion.

Key Feature Comparisons

Mobile Site: All tiers, fully mobile responsive  – v8 mobile ranks extremely well with Google – very good for SEO.

Themes / Templates: Unlimited – Content will never be lost (1,500+ theme combinations)

Stock photos: About 20,000 free stock images.

Audio player: SoundCloud integration is live; Workaround: You can upload MP3s in the file download section and it should load on your visitor’s native music player.

Appointment scheduling: Live in US, UK, CA, AUS market for Business Plus/Commerce, allows deposits and payments via Square or PayPal, allows for managing staff and classes.

Disk space: Unlimited

Bandwidth: Unlimited

SSL: Free SSL Certificate for All plan levels


The New Website Builder is ready to order now!


Why should I choose LuckyRegister for my SEO services?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and why is it important?

If you want people to find your site, you need to get it listed with search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more “friendly” for search engines, which helps them categorize it and display it in relevant search results. Optimizing your site can improve its organic search result ranking, making your business easier to find when potential customers search for products and services related to your business.

Why should I choose LuckyRegister?

We know there are plenty of Search Engine Optimization tools out there, but as the world’s number one cheap domain registration service, we know the Web inside and out. We’re passionate about this stuff, so we designed our SEO services to be as powerful as they are easy to use and cost effective. Got questions? Our award-winning, 24/7 support team is just a phone call away.

Search Engine Visibility works however you need it to. Our Search Engine Optimization tools analyze your website and help you identify search terms and keywords that can increase traffic on your website. Once you’ve placed the search terms and keywords in your website’s content, use our one-click site submission tool to submit your site to the world’s top search engines. For more detail, you can analyze and optimize your site with a wide variety of SEO tools, from our keyword generator to our site map creator.

Get top rankings on Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing® and more.

What good is a terrific website if customers can’t find it? Search Engine Visibility solves this problem by helping you add the right keywords and text to your site, then submits your site to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and over 100 other popular search engines and directories. Use our expert suggestions to continuously move your website closer to the top of search results.

Visit our Search Engine Visibility center for more information.

How To Create a Facebook Business Page to Match Your Website Builder

With a Website Builder Business Plus plan, you can create a Facebook business page to match your Website Builder design theme and business information. This does not affect your Facebook personal page — only your Facebook business page. You must have a Facebook account to use this feature.

  1. Log in to your Website Builder Business Plus account.
  2. In the Dashboard tab, find the Social section in the right-hand column and click Connect or Create.
    In the Social section, click Connect or Create
  3. At the bottom of the Preview Mode’s Social tab, click Manage beneath the Facebook page preview.
    In the Social tab, click Connect Now
  4. Click Connect to Facebook, enter your information and click Log In.
    Log in to Facebook
  5. Click Okay when asked if you want LuckyRegister Social to manage your pages. This enables the LuckyRegister-Facebook page matching.
  6. Choose Create New Page and click Next.
    Click Create New Page or use the Update Existing Page menu
  7. By default, the Customize Your Facebook Page imports your Cover/Profile photos from your Website Builder account, along with your business’s name, phone number, and website address. Select a business Category and enter a brief business description in the About field (required by Facebook).
    Customize your Facebook page

    If you have what Facebook considers a location-based business, you’ll also need to include a business subcategory, phone number, and physical address (including your country).

  8. To replace your Profile or Cover photo, click its Remove button and then Upload Photo.
  9. Navigate to an image, select it, position the image cropper as needed, and click Crop and Save.
    Click Crop and Save
  10. Once the preview of the new photo appears, click Create Page.
    Click Create Page

    If you decide that you want to create another page instead, click Back and return to Step 6.

  11. After your Facebook business page is created:
    • Click Visit Facebook Page to see the results.
      Check out your new or updated Facebook page
    • Or click Done if you want to return to the Preview Mode’s Social tab.

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Website Builder – Moving Text from V6 to V7

Build your own website – It’s fast and easy!
With intuitive navigation, templates and drag-and-drop functionality, your website can be up and running tonight. No technical skills or coding required.
For any skill level, we take the hassle out of building a website. Just pick your design, add your text, drag and drop any image you want and that’s it! You’re ready to publish.

Moving Text from V6 to V7

Once you buy the latest version of Website Builder, you’ll want to move your v6 content to your new v7 site. The v6 content will not be accessible after you publish the new website.

Depending on your website’s size, this manual process can take a while.

  1. Use your Web browser to display your published v6 site. (In other words, don’t launch the Website Builder v6 program.)
  2. In a separate browser window, log in to your COMPANY_NAME account.
  3. In your Products list click Website Builder, and then click Manage next to your new account (not your v6 account).
  4. When your new Website Builder launches, select a theme for your new site.
  5. Create some empty pages to which you’ll move content from your v6 site.

    No need to spend a lot of time creating perfect pages — the goal is to move your v6 content over to the new site as simply as possible. You can rename and polish your v7 pages later on if you like.

  6. Create a text box on one of the new pages by clicking the Text tool in the left-hand toolbar. Drag the text box if you need to reposition it.
    Click the Text tool and drag a text box onto the page
  7. Switch to your v6 site’s tab/window, select the text on a page, and use Cntrl/Command+C to copy it.
  8. Switch back to the tab/window displaying your new Website Builder site, select the text box’s placeholder text, and use Cntrl/Command+V to replace it with the text copied from your v6 site.
    Replace v7 placeholder text with text from your v6 site
  9. Repeat these steps on each page of your v6 site until you’ve copied all the text to your new site.

    Besides moving text, you’ll also need to re-upload your v6 site’s images to your new site.

  10. Because the v6 version (and its content) will no longer be available after you publish your v7 site, double-check to make sure you have copied over everything from the old site.
  11. After confirming that you’ve moved everything to the new site, you can publish it.
More Info
  • Unlike Website Builder v6, Website Builder’s current version doesn’t preserve your content when you switch themes.
  • We offer $8.99 .COM/yr  cheap domain registration services with free extras
  • On sale now! Build your website from $1.00/month

LuckyRegister Hosting Data Centers

Powerful, Cutting-Edge Web Hosting

LuckyRegister  is proud to offer access to state-of-the-art data centers, providing fast, secure, reliable hosting to millions of users worldwide.
  • United States, European and Asia-Pacific data centers
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Full network redundancy
  • Best-of-breed routers, firewalls and servers
  • Enterprise-class backup and restore technologies*
  • State-of-the-art security technology and 24/7 on-site security staff
  • World-Class Data Centers
  • Best-in-class networking
  • Multiple data centers located in the United States, Europe and Asia, giving your site visitors a better Web experience
  • DWDM Ethernet Backbone operating at 20 Gbps (United States only)
  • Connected to multiple diverse upstream providers
  • Full BGP peering with all providers
  • 70,000+ square feet of actual computer space with room to grow
  • Fully redundant (2N) UPS power systems and (N+1) air conditioning systems
  • Advanced fire protection, suppression & detection systems
  • Multiple power paths and network connectivity have two diverse paths into our facility
  • Fully integrated Monitoring System for all critical building, server and network systems
  • State-of-the-art Security Technology and 24/7 on-site security staff
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center & on-site data center staff
  • Environmentally Sensitive Features
  • Variable frequency drives for large motors
  • Chilled water air handler units
  • Cooled water chillers that use eco-friendly refrigerant
  • EPA-approved diesel generators using low-sulfur fuel
  • Eco-friendly products for specialized data center cleaning
  • Systems and Network Infrastructure
  • Best-of-breed equipment for routers, firewalls and servers keep you online
  • Full network redundancy
  • 24/7 dedicated prevention systems ensure network perimeter remains secure
  • Automatic email scanning for virus detection and cleaning provides complete protection**
  • Backup Restore and Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise-class backup and restore technologies protecting your data*
  • Full and incremental backups*
  • Off-site retention*
  • OS and Application Management
  • Hardened operating system builds**
  • Host-based security**
  • Vigorous patch management**
  • In-depth 24/7 monitoring helps ensure that our systems are secure**
*Web hosting plans only – dedicated and virtual server plans require additional purchase
**Web hosting plans only


Web site promotion is a hard work for every webmaster. Everyone expect to have more and more visitors to our websites but we need to follow rules from search engine. Bing search engine is a big player that we need to learn about “THINGS TO AVOID WITH BING”


Cloaking is the practice of showing one version of a webpage to a search crawler like Bingbot, and another to normal visitors. Showing users different content than to the crawlers can be seen as a spam tactic and be detrimental to your website’s rankings and can lead to your site being de-listed from our index. It is therefore recommended to be extremely cautious about responding differently to crawlers as opposed to “regular” visitors and to not cloak as a principle.


While link schemes may succeed in increasing the number of links pointing to your website, they will fail to bring quality links to your site, netting no positive gains. In fact, manipulating inbound links to artificially inflate the number of links pointed at a website can even lead to your site being delisted from our index.


Like farms are similar to link farms in that they seek to artificially exploit a network effect to game the algorithm.  The reality is these are easy to see in action and their value is deprecated. Auto follows encourage follower growth on social sites such as Twitter.  They work by automatically following anyone who follows you.  Over time this creates a scenario where the number of followers you have is more or less the same as the number of people following you.  This does not indicate you have a strong influence.  Following relatively few people while having a high follower count would tend to indicate a stronger influential voice.


These redirects reside in the code of a website and are programmed for a preset time interval.  They automatically redirect a visitor when the time expires, redirecting them to other content. Rather than using meta refresh redirects, we suggest you use a normal 301 redirect.


Duplicating content across multiple URLs can lead to Bing losing trust in some of those URLs over time.  This issue should be managed by fixing the root cause of the problem.  The rel=canonical element can also be used but should be seen as a secondary solution to that of fixing the core problem. If excessive parameterization is causing duplicate content issue, we encourage you to use the Ignore URL Parameters tool.


When creating content, make sure to create your content for real users and readers, not to entice search engines to rank your content better. Stuffing your content with specific keywords with the sole intent of artificially inflating the probability of ranking for specific search terms is in violation of our guidelines and can lead to demotion or even the delisting of your website from our search results.

Search Engine Optimization is a valid practice which seeks to improve technical and content aspects of a website, making the content easier to find, relevant, and more accessible to the search engine crawlers

Note: Registering a good domain is a key for your web promotion.

LuckyRegister – About trusted site in Internet Explorer

A trusted site is a website that you trust not to damage your computer.

If you set the security level of your Internet Explorer® browser to High, so that you do not access websites that might damage your computer, you may be unable to access a specific website that you trust. To access the website, you can add the URL of the website to your Trusted Sites list or change your security level to Medium or lower. When using a high security level, you need to add the Web application URLs to your Trusted Sites list.

NOTE: If you are running Windows Vista, you must add the site with both “http” and “https.” Also, trusted sites may open in a new browser window.

To Add a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer

  1. From the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Trusted Sites.
  4. In the Security level for this zone box, check your security level. You may need to do one of the following:
    • If it is set to High, use the slider to change it to a Medium or lower security level.
    • If it is set to Custom, click Default Level, and then use the slider to change it to a Medium or lower security level.

    NOTE: If you are running Windows Vista, verify that Enable Protected Mode is NOT selected.

  5. Click the Sites button.
  6. In the Add this website to the zone field, type the URL (domain name) for the trusted website.
  7. De-select Require server verification for all sites in this zone.
  8. Click Close.
  9. On the Internet Options window, click OK.

NOTE: Mozilla Firefox® does not specifically offer a trusted sites setting. However, you can set allowed sites for the limited purpose of installing cookies and add-ons. From the Tools menu, select Options and go to the Security tab.

About Ping a domain name on Windows and Mac

Ping lets you quickly verify whether your connection is valid. Here are instructions to ping a domain name on both Windows and Mac.

To Ping a Domain name on Windows

To ping a domain name using Windows, follow these instructions:

  1. From your Start menu, select Run.
  2. Type cmd and press Enter.
  3. At the prompt, type ping domainname.com (where domainname.com is the domain name you want to ping) and press Enter.

The response is either Reply from nn.nn.nn.nn if the ping reached the IP address of the domain name orRequest timed out if it did not. For Request timed out messages or if the IP address returned does not match the Zone File Editor for the domain name, there’s a DNS issue.

To Ping a Domain Name on Mac

  1. Open a Finder window, and browse to the Applications folder.
  2. Go to the Utilities folder.
  3. Click Network Utility.
  4. Type ping domainname.com where domainname.com is the domain name you want to ping.

The response is either Reply from nn.nn.nn.nn if the ping reached the IP address of the domain name orRequest timed out if it did not. For Request timed out messages or if the IP address returned does not match the Zone File Editor for the domain name, there’s a DNS issue.

How to forward your domain with LuckyRegsiter to a Wix site.

It only takes a few short steps to forward your LuckyRegister domain to a Wix site.


  1. Log in to your Wix account.
  2. In the Account Shortcuts, click In your Wix account, under Account Shortcuts, click Domains. (Domains).
  3. Click Use a Domain You Already Own.
  4. Click Connect your domain to Wix but keep your current registrar.
  5. Under Step 1, Setup with Wix, enter your domain name.
  6. Select the premium Wix site that you want your domain to point to. It will turn blue when it is successfully selected.
  7. Click To connect your site by pointing, click here, then select I know what I am doing. Connect my domain using the pointing method and click Next.
  8. Under step 2, Setup with registrar, select GoDaddy from the Where did you purchase your domain? menu and click Done.
  9. You will now see the A and CNAME records you’ll need to use in your DNS settings. Make sure to copy the details from these 3 record fields for the next step:
  10. Click Done to finish setup in your Wix account.
Record Type Sample Record Details
A record An IP address (example: 192.168.1.x)
CNAME for domain A domain name (example: www66.wixdns.net)
CNAME for m.domain A domain name (example: www58.wixdns.net)