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Website Security Protects Your Website
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Have you ever thought about protecting your website? Website Security can help you protect your website easily and economically.
Website Security helps maintain the security of your websites and servers and helps you deal with problems if they happen. Depending on the bundle you choose, you can also have secure automatic backups for your important files and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve website performance and availability.
Website Security - Site Safe Check scans your websites for potential security-related issues such as pharmaceutical hacks, redirect hacks, backdoor file hacks, Trojan viruses and many more. If Website Security finds an issue on your site, we will notify you as soon as it's found, along with the next steps to get the issue fixed.

Don't risk a malware nightmare! Act now and scan your website for potential threats with our Website Security tool. Early detection is your best defense. Protect your site from hidden dangers before they harm your reputation and data. Don't wait for trouble to find you - take proactive steps today to secure your online presence!

Improve your website's reputation: A secure website is more likely to be trusted by visitors and customers.
Increase traffic to your website: Secure websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).
Boost your conversions: Visitors are more likely to convert into customers on a secure website.
Trust us to protect and optimize your website's security, 24/7. Your online presence deserves nothing less.

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We understand that everything doesn’t always go to plan.
That’s why we pride ourselves on top-notch quality of support, any time of the day.

Website Security Plans

Standard Advanced Premium
Websites 1 1 1
Firewall prevents hackers + + +
SSL certificate included in firewal + + +
Malware scanning + + +
Unlimited site cleanups 1 + +
DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost - + +
Website Backup - 25 GB 200 GB
Prioritized cleanup and repair - - +


Renews at $5.99/mo


Renews at $19.99/mo


Renews at $29.99/mo

Note for our cheap website security plans: With the "Standard" plan, the "Unlimited site cleanups" service is just "Annual site cleanup and remediation"

How does Website Security work?

Scan my website for malware, vulnerabilities

After you set up Website Security, we will automatically scan your website every 12 or 24 hours based on the scan frequency that you set. If you are concerned that your site is currently infected, you can prompt Website Security to re-scan your site.
If Website Security detects compromises or vulnerabilities, it will email you that there's a problem. You'll then need to submit a malware removal request.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) and CDN

There are a growing number of software vulnerabilities being exploited by attacks. Trying to keep up with them can be very challenging to you as a website owner. This is where our Web Application Firewall (WAF) comes into play. It can help stop attacks before they even happen, keeping your site secure. Note, that it will only start protecting your site after you activate it. If your DNS is hosted with us, we will take care of the necessary changes. Otherwise, you will need to activate it by changing your site's DNS settings.

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) is designed to intercept and examine incoming data and neutralize malicious code from security threats like SQL injections and DDoS attacks, warding off any damage from being done to your site. Plus, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides even further protection from DDoS attacks by restricting access to your site’s original server.
In addition, a CDN also helps speed up your website because a CDN is a network of servers around the world that implement dynamic and static caching so that all content will render quickly and reliably. Imagine if your customers located in Singapore or Vietnam visit your website hosted in the US, your website will load as fast as it is hosted in Singapore or Vietnam.

All Website Security plans include an SSL Certificate

If you have Website Security, we provide HTTPS support to your website as part of your Web Access Firewall (WAF). You can use your custom certificate (EV, OV, or Wildcard) to replace the one provided with just a few simple steps.

Allow or block website access

Website Security firewall can allow or block IP addresses from accessing your site.

  • Allow IP Addresses aren't blocked by firewall security rules that restrict access by IP address to WordPress administration panels like administrator or wp-admin.
  • Block IP Addresses blocks all access to your website from the IP address.

Warning: When you add an IP address to your Block list, everyone visiting from that IP address will be blocked. For example, all web traffic from employees browsing from a large company can come from a single IP address. If you block that IP address, no one at that company can view your website.

Website Monitoring

Website Security provides several different website monitors that will notify you by email if something looks wrong with your site. When you set up your Website Security, you'll want to review and configure the Monitoring Types to make the most of your website protection.

Monitor Description
Malware Monitoring Malware Monitoring identifies website defacements, phishing attempts, backdoors and more on your site. We'll notify you if anything happens to your website.
Blacklist Monitoring There are a number of blacklisting authorities that monitor for malware, SPAM, and phishing attempts. Our monitoring automatically checks blacklist APIs and ensures you’ll know when your site is blacklisted by: Sucuri, Google, Norton, AVG, Phish Tank, McAfee SiteAdvisor and others.
DNS Monitoring This monitors the IP address of your website, nameservers and MX records. It’s rare for this information to change, but if it does we'll notify you.
SSL Monitoring An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a certificate on the website that allows encryption of information between the client to the server. If your site uses an SSL certificate, it is important to know the status of the certificate in order to keep your customer’s information safe. It’s rare that your SSL certificate will change, but if it does, you will be notified.
Uptime We'll notify you if your site responds with an error or a timeout.
Website Backup

Website Backup allows you to back up your site and related databases via FTP or SFTP to a secure cloud location. During the backup we scan your files for malware and then store the malware-free copies for safe keeping.

Backups are retained for 30 days. This means you can restore your site to the state of any day with a successful backup during the last 30 days. You can also download copies of your backups to local storage for emergency access or site migration.

Get Website Security help

With Website Security, if there’s ever a security concern with your site or you're having problems with backups, we’re here to help.
For detailed malware removal instructions, see Remove malware from my site. For other issues, follow these steps to open a ticket.

  • Go to your LuckyRegister product page.
  • Under Website Security and Backups, select Manage next to the account you need help with.
  • Select Cleanup near the top of the page.
  • Select Product Support, and then select New ticket.
  • From the Regarding menu, select your issue.
    • Malware or Blacklist Removal Request – Anything involving malware, or your site being blacklisted
    • Website Firewall - Firewall activation or SSL issues, or problems with accessing your site
    • Website Backup – Help with setting up or troubleshooting backups
    • Monitoring – Help with setting up or troubleshooting the monitoring plugin
  • Enter as much information as possible into the fields. Include what you're doing when you see the issue., include URLs and exact error messages. The more information you provide, the faster our team can resolve the issue.

    For Backups and Malware Removal, include your FTP information including FTP host, port, username, and password.
  • Select Submit Request. The Website Security team may contact you for additional information if needed. You’ll be emailed when the malware removal is complete.

    If your site is hosted with LuckyRegister, an FTP user is created within your hosting beginning with "SEC_". Don’t remove this user as it’s how Website Security accesses your files to clean them. Once the malware removal is complete, the user is automatically deleted.

  • Review your current Website Security support tickets:
    • Go to your LuckyRegister product page.
    • Under Website Security and Backups, select Manage next to your account.
    • Select Cleanup near the top of the page.
    • Select Product Support, and then select the ticket you want to review.