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build a website
It is economical designed for busy individuals and small businesses

You want to own a website, design your own, change, update content whenever you want with the lowest possible cost? Website Builder is exactly what you are looking for.

It's as easy as counting 1.2.3
If you can click & type, you can do it yourself.

Website builder is designed for people without web design skills but can still create and promote a beautiful and professional website to suit all needs.

It is a "Mobile First" design and it is complete with SSL and website backup.

Nowadays, designing a safe and user-friendly website for smartphone users is a very necessary requirement. It also helps you rank up in Google, Bing ...

Bring more traffic to your own website

There's no sure-fire way to improve your site's rank in search engine results, but our Business, Business Plus plans include a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. It helps you add extra information about your site to catch the digital attention of search engines.
We also provide others effective tools to help you increase the number of website visitors such as blogs to keep you updated with new information as well as connecting your website to social networks like Facebook ...

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Do the best for your own website

Building a beautiful and professional website is important for your online presence but letting potential customers know and access your website is also very important. It is not an easy job but with Website Builder, we support you as much as possible to make it easier and more efficient.

List My Business On Google

Our Google My Business listings service offers a way to boost visibility for your business by displaying your hours, phone number, and location in Google Search and Maps results. This service is available for Websites + Marketing Business Plus within the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada (English).

Add Google Analytics To My Site

By adding the Google Analytics tracking service to your website, you can get a precise data picture about who visits your site, where they were before coming to your site, and how they navigate around the site.

Connect My Site To Facebook Business Page

You can connect (add) your Website Builder home page to a new or existing Facebook business page — and have it include your site's business name, street address, and web address. Adding the page saves you the trouble of manually creating the page in Facebook itself.

Add Facebook Pixel To My Website

By adding the Facebook Pixel tracking service to your website, you can track your Facebook campaigns to see how they're doing and what works best.

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Make Your Own Website Plans

Personal Business Business Plus
Mobile site + + +
Google Analytics + + +
Multiple pages + + +
Host & create blog + + +
SSL (Domain Validated Secure Sockets Layer)
Installed automatically
+ + +
Search Engine Optimization - + +
Business sections - + +
Social Media Manager - - +
Globally optimized speed (CDN) - - +
Get Found Essential - - +
Google My Business - - +
Online Appointments (US, UK, CA, AU only) - - +

$5.99 / month

$8.99 / month

$13.99 / month

NOTE: After purchasing you can still upgrade your plan from your current version to get access to more features. For example, if you want to use Social Media Manager, you'll want to upgrade to the Premium plan. OR you can downgrade your plan if you want fewer features, or if you don't want to pay for features that you don't think you'll use.

Still hesitating?

Are you still hesitating? Let's see how simple we set up a website. You can absolutely do it. How cool is it when you own your website? You can modify the design and content to suit your ideas whenever you want. Experience it now.