To customize the confirmation message for subscribers after they submit a form on your WordPress site, you can follow these steps using WPForms, as detailed in the provided sources:

  1. Access WPForms Settings: Navigate to WPForms > Settings in your WordPress dashboard. Here, you can configure various settings related to your forms, including email notifications.
  1. Customize Email Confirmation Message: In the WPForms settings, look for the section related to email confirmations. This is where you can customize the message that subscribers receive after submitting a form. You can include all form fields filled out by the visitor using the all_fields Smart Tag. Additionally, you can type in any custom message you want the subscriber to see when they open their confirmation email.
  1. Use Smart Tags: WPForms provides a range of Smart Tags that you can use to dynamically insert form data into your confirmation message. For example, you can use {field_id} to insert the value of a specific field. Click on “Show Smart Tags” to see a list of available Smart Tags that you can use to personalize your confirmation message.
  1. Ensure Proper Email Settings: To ensure that confirmation emails send successfully, make sure that the WordPress email settings on your site are properly configured. This includes setting up an SMTP plugin if you’re experiencing issues with email deliverability, as emails sent from WordPress without proper authentication may be filtered by the receiving mail server.
  1. Test Your Confirmation Email: After setting up your confirmation message, it’s important to test it to ensure it appears as expected. You can do this by submitting a form and checking the confirmation email received by the subscriber. This helps confirm that the customization is successful and that the subscriber receives the intended message.

By following these steps, you can customize the confirmation message for subscribers on your WordPress site, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that subscribers receive a personalized and informative confirmation upon form submission.

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