Whether you should prioritize availability over cost or vice versa when choosing a domain extension largely depends on your specific circumstances. Both factors are important, and you should balance them according to your needs.

Availability: Popular domain extensions like .com and .net are often in high demand and therefore less likely to be available. If your preferred domain name is taken, you may need to consider a slightly different name or a different extension. If availability is a top priority, you might consider purchasing a domain name for multiple years to ensure its availability in the future.

Cost: The cost of a domain extension can vary significantly. Some extensions are cheaper than others, and some can be quite expensive due to high demand. If cost is a major concern, you might need to consider more affordable extensions or look for sales or promotional offers.

In general, it’s advisable to prioritize both availability and cost. If your preferred domain name isn’t available, it’s better to choose a slightly different name rather than paying a high price for an unavailable domain. Conversely, if your preferred domain name is available but too expensive, you might need to consider a different extension or look for a sale or promotion.

Remember, the domain extension is just a small part of your overall domain name. The domain name itself should be memorable, easy to spell, and clearly represent your website’s purpose.

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