How do I Make Money with my Parked Domain Names ?

The first step is to make sure that your domain registrar offers “Forwarding” or “Redirection” service. If you do not know what “Forwarding” or “Redirection” is let me explain. Forwarding a domain name means that your domain registrar will forward anyone that types a domain that has forwarding on it to another domain. For example if you set up forwarding on to, when anyone types in or clicks a link to they will automatically be sent to That’s it! ( LuckyRegister offer domain registration with forwarding for Free. )   

Finding the right affiliate program. 

After you determine that your domain registrar offers Forwarding you will need to find affiliate programs that are directly related to your parked domain names. For example, I have a domain name Now I would want to look for an affiliate program that sells tickets to Las Vegas Shows. It is best to find affiliate programs that are directly related to your parked domain name. You will find a higher percentage of affiliate sales will be made that way. If a visitor is already interested in the same subject of your domain, it does not make sense to send them to something they are not looking for. 

I joined an affiliate program…now what? 

After joining an affiliate program you will be given a “Referring URL” that contains your id in the URL. Next you will go to your domain registrar’s site and set up the forwarding of your domain to the referring URL. Continuing with our previous example our fictitious referring URL is Remember this is fictitious for example only. So I go to my domain registrar and have forwarded to Now when someone clicks on a link or types in they are automatically taken to site they can buy show tickets at, and since my referral id is in the URL, I will get credit for any sales made. It is that simple. 

What are you waiting for? 

I know there are thousands (if not millions) of you out there, who own domain names that sit around collecting dust. Why not put them to use and start to make money with them?

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How to value a domain name?

4C Valuation Model

4C Valuation Model represents a system of domain appraisal based on four key criteria, or the four C’s: Character, Commerce, .Com and Comparables, otherwise known as Comps.

While each of these valuation criteria is important, all four together more accurately determine the fair market value of a Domain Name. 
To complete the Appraisal, we then compare this value against similar subject Domain Names that have previously closed called Comparables (or Comps), to determine the final value.

Here are the 4C’s:

The shorter a Domain Name is, the better. Apart from being easier to remember and spell, a short name has more impact and a high recall value. Five characters or less is ideal, and anything more than 20 characters has a substantially lower value.

Ultimately, a Domain Name attains its value from its potential to drive traffic and deliver revenue to a business – in short, its marketability. Since branding is key to establishing a strong online presence, Domain Names that are based on well-known phrases, or are closely associated with a business opportunity with a sizable market share, enjoy a favorable position.

Location is everything, and many want to live in such coveted neighborhoods or cities as Beverly Hills, New York City, Paris, Singapore, or Hong Kong. That’s equally true of premium cyberspace. On the Internet, everyone prefers to dwell in the .com neighborhood. It’s the top-level domain (TLD) that embodies instant branding, and .com names enjoy a premium rating. (*** .com domain registration is the key)

Take a look for the domain sold history and utilize these as the Comps for determining the value of a similar subject Domain Name. By doing so, we ensure that our Appraisal reflects current fair market value.

LuckyRegister Model

Domain Appraisals are based on Commercial Use, Brand Recognition, Name Length, Dot Value, Hyphen/Numeric and Word Count. Step up to a Certified appraisal and you’ll also receive a review by industry experts.

Top Domain Names Sales

The following domain names are known to have received over US$1 million in the public domain name aftermarket, lead by in 2006. There are many more names which have sold in the private market for substantially more. Ninety-eight percent of all domain sales we have tracked since 1/1/2006 sold for less than US$10,000.. 

Amount Year Domain 
$12,000,000 2006 (est) 
$9,500,000 2007 
$7,500,000 2006 
$7,500,000 1999 
$5,500,000 2003 
$5,000,000 2002 
$5,000,000 1999 
$3,500,000 1996 
$3,350,000 1999 
$3,300,000 1999 
$3,000,000 2007 
$3,000,000 1999 
$3,000,000 2006 
$3,000,000 1999 
$2,750,000 2004 
$2,500,000 2000 
$2,500,000 2000 
$2,200,000 1999 
$2,200,000 1999 
$2,100,000 2007 
$2,000,000 2000 
$2,000,000 2000 
$2,000,000 1999 
$1,900,000 2000 
$1,800,000 2007 
$1,600,000 2006 
$1,500,000 2000 
$1,500,000 2006 
$1,500,000 2007 
$1,500,000 2000 
$1,500,000 1999 
$1,320,000 2003 
$1,250,000 2007 
$1,200,000 2000 
$1,180,000 2007 
$1,120,000 2007 
$1,100,000 2004 
$1,030,000 1999 
$1,020,000 2005 
$1,000,000 2007 

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