With a Website Builder Business Plus plan, you can create a Facebook business page to match your Website Builder design theme and business information. This does not affect your Facebook personal page — only your Facebook business page. You must have a Facebook account to use this feature.

  1. Log in to your Website Builder Business Plus account.
  2. In the Dashboard tab, find the Social section in the right-hand column and click Connect or Create.
    In the Social section, click Connect or Create
  3. At the bottom of the Preview Mode’s Social tab, click Manage beneath the Facebook page preview.
    In the Social tab, click Connect Now
  4. Click Connect to Facebook, enter your information and click Log In.
    Log in to Facebook
  5. Click Okay when asked if you want LuckyRegister Social to manage your pages. This enables the LuckyRegister-Facebook page matching.
  6. Choose Create New Page and click Next.
    Click Create New Page or use the Update Existing Page menu
  7. By default, the Customize Your Facebook Page imports your Cover/Profile photos from your Website Builder account, along with your business’s name, phone number, and website address. Select a business Category and enter a brief business description in the About field (required by Facebook).
    Customize your Facebook page

    If you have what Facebook considers a location-based business, you’ll also need to include a business subcategory, phone number, and physical address (including your country).

  8. To replace your Profile or Cover photo, click its Remove button and then Upload Photo.
  9. Navigate to an image, select it, position the image cropper as needed, and click Crop and Save.
    Click Crop and Save
  10. Once the preview of the new photo appears, click Create Page.
    Click Create Page

    If you decide that you want to create another page instead, click Back and return to Step 6.

  11. After your Facebook business page is created:
    • Click Visit Facebook Page to see the results.
      Check out your new or updated Facebook page
    • Or click Done if you want to return to the Preview Mode’s Social tab.

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