In the healthcare industry, selecting a domain extension that reflects the nature of the business can enhance credibility and target the appropriate audience. Here are some examples of domain extensions specifically suited for healthcare-related websites:

  1. .health
    • General healthcare information
    • Health organizations
    • Health and wellness blogs
  2. .doctor
    • Individual doctor websites
    • Doctor directories
    • Online medical consultations
  3. .clinic
    • Clinics and outpatient centers
    • Medical practices
    • Specialized treatment centers
  4. .dental
    • Dental practices
    • Orthodontic services
    • Dental health blogs
  5. .hospital
    • Hospitals and medical centers
    • Hospital networks
    • Emergency services
  6. .care
    • Home care services
    • Elder care facilities
    • Patient support services
  7. .healthcare
    • Medical equipment suppliers
    • Medical research organizations
    • Healthcare service providers
  8. .fitness
    • Fitness centers
    • Personal trainers
    • Health and fitness blogs
  9. .rehab
    • Rehabilitation centers
    • Addiction treatment facilities
    • Physical therapy services
  10. .vision
    • Optometry practices
    • Vision care centers
    • Eyewear suppliers

These domain extensions can help healthcare providers and related businesses establish a clear and professional online presence, making it easier for patients and clients to find and trust their services.

Healthcare domains

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