The difference between commercial and non-commercial use of a .cc domain primarily revolves around the purpose and intent behind the use of the domain.

  • Commercial Use: A .cc domain is used for commercial purposes when it is intended to generate profit or is directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation. This could include selling products or services, advertising, or any activity that aims to make money. For example, a business that sells products or services online might use a .cc domain to establish its online presence and facilitate transactions with customers.
  • Non-Commercial Use: Non-commercial use of a .cc domain is intended for activities that are not primarily aimed at generating profit or commercial advantage. This could include educational initiatives, personal projects, non-profit organizations, or any activity that does not seek to make money. For instance, a non-profit organization might use a .cc domain to share information, raise awareness, or engage with its community without the goal of profit.

It’s important to note that the distinction between commercial and non-commercial use is not solely about the domain extension (.cc) but rather about the intent and purpose of the website or content hosted on the domain. The Creative Commons NonCommercial license, for example, is designed for non-commercial use, allowing copyright holders to grant public permission for anyone to reuse their media only for non-commercial activities. However, the use of a .cc domain itself does not inherently restrict it to non-commercial use; it can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes depending on the intent behind its use.

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About .CC domains

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