is the top .com domain sales report on 02/21/2022.

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Note: Please keep in mind that these are top .com domain Sales report on 02/21/2022 that have been reported today 02/23/2022. It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value.

videobrewery.com10,000 USD2022-02-21GoDaddy
uniblue.com8,353 USD2022-02-21NameJet
thisisvermont.com5,100 USD2022-02-21GoDaddy
hooya.com4,811 USD2022-02-21NameJet
maskup.com4,100 USD2022-02-21GoDaddy
lottochain.com3,750 USD2022-02-21GoDaddy
tatco.com3,600 USD2022-02-21NameJet
bluehatseo.com3,250 USD2022-02-21GoDaddy
realityvirtual.com3,150 USD2022-02-21GoDaddy
kineticstudio.com3,000 USD2022-02-21BuyDomains