is the top .com Domain Name in The Domain Sale Report on November 28, 2021.

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Note: Please keep in mind that these are ccTLDs domain Sales report 11/28/2021 that have been reported today 11/29/2021. It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value

desde.com9,000 USD2021-11-28BuyDomains
redfield.com8,158 USD2021-11-28GoDaddy
cloud9hemp.com6,100 USD2021-11-28GoDaddy
84666.com6,051 USD2021-11-28GoDaddy
caslab.com5,400 USD2021-11-28DropCatch
stonesarchive.com4,800 USD2021-11-28GoDaddy
sember.com4,388 USD2021-11-28BuyDomains
blueunited.com4,288 USD2021-11-28BuyDomains
doublebubble.com3,610 USD2021-11-28DropCatch
newyorkcbd.com3,583 USD2021-11-28GoDaddy