is the most prominent domain name that was sold on 12/09/2021

codesign.com15,749 USD2021-09-12NameJet
zyber.com10,250 USD2021-09-12GoDaddy
starshop.com9,505 USD2021-09-12GoDaddy
clothesonfilm.com8,900 USD2021-09-12GoDaddy
uh1.com6,289 USD2021-09-12NameJet
pauta.com3,800 USD2021-09-12NameJet
agribotix.com3,349 USD2021-09-12GoDaddy
surfsetfitness.com3,150 USD2021-09-12GoDaddy
businessidentity.com2,550 USD2021-09-12GoDaddy
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