LuckyRegsiter – Register .REST Domain Names

Who can register .REST domain names? Anyone can register .REST domain names.  Customers can register .REST domain names on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Rest” is the abbreviation for restaurant in over 50 countries, which makes .REST a great choice for restaurants, dining guides, food critics, chefs and delivery services around the world. It’s short, memorable and easy for hungry people to type into their mobile devices. Use it to bring customers through your doors


The Top 10 Domain Sales

Highest Reported Domain Sales –  Sept. 25, 2015

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LuckyRegister – Register .XYZ Domain Names

This next-generation domain is short, easy-to-remember and transcends all language barriers. Register one and get a web address that stands out.

.xyz is for everyone. Do you fall under one of these categories? Then .xyz is for you. If not, that’s OK too .xyz is still for you. As one of the most affordable and flexible domains on the internet, .xyz is for every website, everywhere.

.xyz is a bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and versatility in a domain name. It’s short and memorable without the limitations of a label or language barrier, so you can focus on connecting with your audience anywhere in the world.

Generation XYZ combines Generations X, Y and Z to create a global community inspired by the Internet and its limitless potential. We’re giving internet users, young and old, near and far – an innovative new platform to connect with the world in a whole new way.

Join the movement and register the domains you have always wanted now


Top 10 domain sales daily report
Top 10 domain sales daily report

The Top 10 Domain Sales

Highest Reported Domain Sales –  Sept. 24, 2015

We offer $8.99 .COM cheap domain registration. Feeling lucky? try to search for a domain name now

LuckyRegister – Register .CLUB Domains

.CLUB is a new domain made for clubs of all kinds. Anyone can register .CLUB domain names.

  1. Country.CLUB, Soccer.CLUB, Book.CLUB — just add your group’s name, and you have a Web address that tells potential members exactly who you are.
  2. These domain names can have up to 63 characters. You can’t register domain names with special characters such as & and #.
  3. The .CLUB extension does support Spanish IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) characters.

Why register .CLUB domains:

  1. • High profile premium names like,,,,, and thousands more.
    • “CLUB” adds valuable meaning to literally any word.
    • “CLUB” is a global phenomena – it carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world.
    • Every business needs a .Club.
  2. There are countless existing clubs.
  3. Every consumer facing business needs a .Club for their affinity/loyalty/customer community.
  4. Millions of people with hobbies and passions can now start their own clubs – coming together around their shared interests.

.CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions – and own the perfect domain for their community.

According to AllFacebook there are over 600 million Facebook “groups.” People are starting “clubs” around their interests every single day. Millions of people. Until now, these tribes and communities never had a way to truly be masters of their own domain.



The Top 10 Domain Sales

Highest Reported Domain Sales –  Sept. 23, 2015

We offer $8.99 .COM cheap domain registration. Feeling lucky? try to search for a domain name now

Register Your .CLICK Domains From LuckyRegister

Is it just us or is there something deeply satisfying about pointing and clicking? Maybe it’s the sound it makes, or the fact that every click takes you one step closer to your goal – we don’t know. What we do know is that .click domain makes a buzzworthy web address for tech startups, gaming sites, photography blogs – even dating services. Get yours.

The .click domain name will be vastly popular, as it’s such a dominant internet buzzword. To get anywhere online, you must “click” here or there as a basic functionality. The .click domain can also reinforce friendly concepts such as getting along or fitting together.

Anyone can register .click domain names on a first-come, first-served basis.

These domain names can have up to 63 characters, with a minimum of one character, and can contain letters (a to z), numbers (0 to 9), and hyphens (except as the first or last characters of the domain name). You cannot register domain names with special characters such as & and #. IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) in the following languages are supported: Cyrillic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

LuckyRegister Daily Market Report 2015-09-22

The Top 10 Domain Sales

Highest Reported Domain Sales –  Sept. 22, 2015

LuckyRegister .GREEN domains. Green is associated with wood energy for Feng Shui

Feng Shui Guide to Color

Green is associated with wood energy, the energy of growth, decisiveness and action. It can motivate internal change.

“Green” and the green economy are now designated online with the .green Internet address space for relevant websites. This new domain is poised to become the world’s online channel for reaching the growing ranks of values-driven consumers by companies offering more sustainable and healthier products and by those showcasing their investment in more environmentally friendly operations.

“Green” is a branding opportunity

Going green is now mainstream. Research has shown that private sustainability investments have grown to an estimated $6.2 trillion. A Google search for the word “green” generates over 13 BILLION results. The Internet has changed how the world gets its information and how companies reach out to their markets. More than anything, green is an identifier and branding opportunity for a new Internet channel. For global citizens, it identifies the kinds of companies they wish to do business with and the products and services they seek. For companies, a .green website helps target and promote this rapidly growing values-driven consumer market. .green domain names indicate commitments to sustainability, environmentally friendly alternatives, healthier lifestyles for people and the planet, and socially responsible businesses.

As a globally recognized term, green represents environmental awareness, sustainability, and social good. Companies and individuals that advocate working towards a greener, better world can use the .GREEN domain as a sign of their commitment to the cause.

Sustainable businesses can make a favorable impression on their customers with a .GREEN website, and send an important message about their values.

Nonprofits and other organizations that work towards better sustainability can define their niche and demonstrate authority in their field with .GREEN.

DotGreen’s partnership with The DotGreen Foundation and EarthShare, registrations of the domain will benefit programs that work for the advancement of sustainability initiatives.

LuckyRegister .BLUE for the most popular color web address

Feng Shui Guide to Color

Blue associated with water energy, support inner work, helping us to concentrate, contemplate, mediate and handle creative endeavors. Blue can slow the heart and breathing rates and lower blood pressure. It can be used to increase coolness, to calm and to create privacy.


.BLUE domains are available to everyone who loves the color blue or wants it to enhance their business or their brand.

.BLUE is the right choice for practically everyone; search to find the .BLUE that will work for you or your business.

Research shows that BLUE is the most popular color, everywhere in the world, for everyone. The color blue is an attention grabber, and it elicits positive, peaceful emotions of harmony, strength and loyalty.

Like the sky above and sea below, the color blue is all around you … and the .BLUE domain is here to let you tap into the warm feelings we all have about this special color.

.BLUE offers great benefits in a variety of uses:

  • .BLUE domains are perfect for organizations focused on water issues or for websites that seek to raise awareness of water conservation and clean drinking water solutions for people all over the world.
  • .BLUE domains are also perfect for weather tracking sites, blogs about meteorology or anything to do with the atmosphere.
  • The “men in blue” and all who support them can now have their own website in .BLUE!  Show your support for our law enforcement heroes and those who supply them. Or, if you ARE a police department, brand your police website with a .BLUE domain.
  • Businesses with blue branding and logos benefit from a website with a .BLUE domain.
  • It’s a boy! Tell the world with a custom website and a .BLUE domain.

Register .BLUE domains now!