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Green is associated with wood energy, the energy of growth, decisiveness and action. It can motivate internal change.

“Green” and the green economy are now designated online with the .green Internet address space for relevant websites. This new domain is poised to become the world’s online channel for reaching the growing ranks of values-driven consumers by companies offering more sustainable and healthier products and by those showcasing their investment in more environmentally friendly operations.

“Green” is a branding opportunity

Going green is now mainstream. Research has shown that private sustainability investments have grown to an estimated $6.2 trillion. A Google search for the word “green” generates over 13 BILLION results. The Internet has changed how the world gets its information and how companies reach out to their markets. More than anything, green is an identifier and branding opportunity for a new Internet channel. For global citizens, it identifies the kinds of companies they wish to do business with and the products and services they seek. For companies, a .green website helps target and promote this rapidly growing values-driven consumer market. .green domain names indicate commitments to sustainability, environmentally friendly alternatives, healthier lifestyles for people and the planet, and socially responsible businesses.

As a globally recognized term, green represents environmental awareness, sustainability, and social good. Companies and individuals that advocate working towards a greener, better world can use the .GREEN domain as a sign of their commitment to the cause.

Sustainable businesses can make a favorable impression on their customers with a .GREEN website, and send an important message about their values.

Nonprofits and other organizations that work towards better sustainability can define their niche and demonstrate authority in their field with .GREEN.

DotGreen’s partnership with The DotGreen Foundation and EarthShare, registrations of the domain will benefit programs that work for the advancement of sustainability initiatives.

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