When you transfer domain out, if you used private registration service, you need to cancel this service first. This is an extra step for you and it may make you confused sometimes but it also has a plus point for security. If someone logs into your account and transfer domain out without your permission, they can not do it without private registration cancellation.

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To Cancel Private Registration for Your Domain Names

Log in to your account at DomainsByProxy.com.

NOTE: If you have trouble logging in to your Domains By Proxy account, see Retrieving Your Domains By Proxy Login Information.

Select Private Domains, and then select the domain names you want to cancel Private Registration for.
Click Cancel Selected, or click (Cancel private registration).
Click OK.
Click OK.

To make the transfer process faster, after you complete the domain transfer steps with your new registrar. Please login in your domain account with LuckyRegister to accept a transfer.

Log in to your Account Manager.
Next to Domains, click Manage.
From the Domains menu, select Transfers.
Click the expand arrow on the left side of the Transfers page, and then click Pending Transfers Out.
Select the domain names you are transferring to another registrar, and then click Accept/Decline.
Select one of the following:
Accept — This option might speed up the pending transfer’s completion.
Decline — This option cancels the pending transfer, which causes it to fail.
Click OK twice. We process your request within 15 minutes.

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