Multiple Products’ Retirement Details

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We are retiring the following products on June 2, 2014:

  • InstantPage®
  • SmartSpace®
  • Quick Blogcast®
  • For Sales & Starter Pages
  • Website Protection Site Scanner (more info)

Because this impacts your business, we wanted to let you know about our schedule to complete these tasks.

Retirement Details

March 14, 2014 — The products we’re retiring will no longer be available for sale on your Reseller storefront.

April 2, 2014 — We will email all customers with products impacted by this retirement, letting them know that in 60 days the products will no longer be available in their accounts as of June 2, 2014.*

This email will also include suggested alternatives to the products we’re retiring. You can view the list in our article How do the upcoming product retirements affect me? Before April 2, this article is only visible to you — your customers cannot view it.

Mid-May, 2014 — We will email customers a final notice approximately two weeks before June 2 reminding them about the pending removal of their accounts.*

June 2, 2013 — Customers will receive a cancellation notice of any accounts we remove from our system.*

*These notices will only go to customers who have unused free Website Protection credits, which we offered with Unlimited Hosting accounts and SSLs. We are notremoving any active Website Protection accounts at this time.

Website Protection Details

How we’re handling Website Protection Site Scanner’s retirement differs from the other products.

  • Website Protection Site Scanner will be replaced by a new product called SiteLock in mid-March. SiteLock offers great features customers have been requesting from Website Protection Site Scanner, including the ability to remove malware from infected sites. We’ll have more details about that product when we get closer to its release date.
  • We are not removing any active Website Protection accounts. However, we are removing unused free Website Protection credits on June 2.

Refund Details

When we cancel these accounts on June 2, we will also issue refunds to In-Store Credit for any additional time remaining on their accounts. This will not impact your commission whatsoever.

If you provide your customers our support number, our billing department will be available to assist customers with any issues they have with their refunds.

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