Great news! The .BZ registry is allowing us to offer nearly 50% off our .BZ domain registration price for Q4 on new, first year registrations –> down to just $12.99. While .BZ is the official country code for Belize, it’s also a great option to create a buzz for a web site. This price starts from October 1 through December 29, 2009.

While .BZ is the official Top-Level Domain for Belize, a Central American/Caribbean nation, it may be registered by anyone.

Why choose .BZ?

  • To generate excitement around a new product launch.
  • For any business that targets a young, Internet-savvy audience.
  • To keep squatters from stealing the brand recognition of your popular .COM by registering the .BZ version.
  • If your business caters to Belizean shoppers or businesses.
Register your cheap .BZ domain registration now!
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