Indexed in Google faster? this is the question for every webmaster. Everyone knows that ranking in Google means traffic, money, income… “indexed by Google” is the first step for web site to be ranked by Google. We create this article to share with you about “”how to” for this first step! 

it is based on 10 factors as bellowing:

  1. Register a domain name for your web site for more than one year ( why? ).
  2. Check to see if this domain was banned by Google or not? (check here to see if your domain was banned by Google here?)
  3. Create your site content with unique information (DO NOT copy from the other site content and PAST it into to your site)
    Be sure to add metal tags (title, description, key words) to your web pages. Double check if your robot.txt file is correct or not?
  4. Do not link your site to Google Banned Sites
  5. Host your web site from a clean server with dedicated IP (ip banned checking here)
  6. Check your site broken link (broken link check here)
  7. Create a Google webmaster tool account (create a Google account here)
  8. Submit your site to Google for indexing (Google add url)
  9. Create a Google sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tool
  10. Update your site content daily (Googlebot love site content with fresh content)

These are ten basic steps and there are many other points to help your site to be indexed by Google faster like:

  • Join some high traffic web forums, create your signature and link to your site.
  • Submit your site to other site search engines, directories
  • Exchange links with other related sites
  • Use ping o matic for blog sites

We let this open for you to post your comments, ideas … to make this artical useful for newbie web developers and others.

Good luck in your web development

If you find it useful, please share. We appreciate your support.

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