In addition to a domain placing value on the shortness of the word, ease to spell, commercial appeal, and organic capacity to generate natural traffic, today’s domain names are being valued for the branding potential. The domain name sale iReport although not an organic or dictionary term alone, is actually preferred as a highly brandable term, in that it is has a popular pre-fix “i” which indicates the “report” to be online.

The prefixes and dashes between words were once considered second, but now due to brandability, if the term is a commercial term, a prefix is often preferred. Example eLoans markets with an e to indicate to its potential customers that a loan may be obtained online.

The two primary prefixes are “E”, for electronic, and “I”, for Internet. Both indicate the word or phrase to be accessible online. Because of that, in terms of branding, an i or e combined with a commercial term are highly desirable. In domain sales typically an e has been preferred, and i slightly less in terms of demand. eBrooklyn sold for approximately $2500 whereas once it would have been available to register at the price of a domain name (which ranges from $8 to $30 us dollars depending on the registrar). The rapidly increasing use of prefixes in conjunction with main dictionary and or commercial terms is here and for some predominantly internet based companies, or high technology, high profile companies, the prefix is now preferred.

One of the details that make a domain with a prefix more valuable for a brand, is the ability to simply promote the name without the use of “.com” in the promotion. If a domain owner had he would be forced to use the .com to indicate it was on the net at that address, however to register domain names with a one letter prefix does not need to use the “.com”.

Someone could promote “iReport” as a brand, and assuming it was a world class brand, visitors would know they could find it at “ without seeing the .com. However if it was a .net, it would be wise to state This option to simply state the name of the company or entity is particularly valuable in that it is brief and clear in indicating that a report can be either made or found on the “i”nternet.

eLoans similarly does not have to state “”. eLoans, in the minds of most is clearly an online entity offering electronic loan applications.

Some alternative domains that avoid the use of “.com” in their promotion are “WebMD” as the word web as a prefix suffice to indicate the information is online and likely at a .com extension.

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