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Fax Through Email - Send and recieve fax through your email account instead of a fax machine.

Express Email Marketing - shows you how to use email to your advantage and stay in-touch with your customer base - the spam free and legal way.

Online Storage - Access your files from any computer 24/7. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around storage disks, removable memory, or emailing important files to yourself!

Online Calenda - Easy, 24/7 Access - Access your calendar anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Hosted Exchange Email - Cooperate-class messaging, small business prices.

EMAIL Accounts

Our POP3 configured, personalized email accounts allow you to send and receive secure email communications. Each account can be customized and includes fraud and virus protection, smart spam filtering, and reliable service. Our email accounts include Web-Based Email, a complete email client with an easy-to-use interface and loads of features: text-mail, greeting cards, message filtering, and more. Visit our Create Email Accounts page now!

Why create email accounts with LuckyRegister - We have teamed up with Microsoft to deliver fast, secure, ultra-reliable email, direct to your Outlook inbox. With a built-in connection to the world's most popular email client. LuckyRegister Email Account provides everything you need to stay organized, including calendar, address book and task management tools. Personal, group and business email accounts - Choose the plan that's best for you based on how you use email...create email account now!

create personal, group, business email accounts

Create Personal, Group and Business Email Accounts

Personal email plan keeps your inbox safe and uncluttered with powerful, built-in protection against viruses, spam and fraud. Plus, never worry about running out of space with our Unlimited Storage plan. And with our Microsoft Outlook plans, you can manage your email with the features and layout you already know and love with the latest version of Outlook, FREE with each plan. Create your personal email account now.

Group And Business Plans - built-in protection against viruses, spam and fraud Keep your team members in touch and on track. Group Email from LuckyRegister  ensures that everyone on your team is connected, sharing the same plan, domain and features. Plus, every LuckyRegister group Email address includes FREE Group Calendar, giving everyone of your team members an easy way to plan and schedule meetings, events or practices for the entire group. Best of all, each of our Microsoft Outlook plans include a FREE download of Outlook 2007 so you can put the world's most popular email software to work for you. Create your group and business email account now.
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express email marketing

Express Email Marketing

Express Email Marketing shows you how to use email to your advantage and stay in-touch with your customer base. Best of all, it offers all the tools you need to comply 100% with anti-spam laws.
No one wants to receive marketing emails they didn't request. That's true! But there are many people who want to know about your products, company or organization. These people will welcome hearing from you and actually look forward to getting your emails.
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online file folder

Online Storage

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around storage disks, removable memory, or emailing important files to yourself! Online Storage gives you secure, 24/7 access to your most important files from any computer with an Internet connection just log in to retrieve, store or share everything from business reports to personal videos. Whether youre at home, in the office or on the road, Online File Folder is your easy and affordable file management solution online storage more information

fax through email

Fax Through Email

For one low monthly cost (Fax Thru Email has no activation or per-fax fees), you 'll send and receive faxes anywhere you can receive email. Web-based manager lets you view and manage your Fax Thru Email history, including sent and received faxes, account information, help, and billing details. Plus, it's all done securely your incoming, outgoing, and personal information remains completely confidential.
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