1340.com and 1616.com are the two most prominent four-character numeric domain names sold on December 3, 2022.

1616.com50,222 USD2022-12-03DropCatch
1340.com8,888 USD2022-12-03GoDaddy
biztechafrica.com7,325 USD2022-12-03Dynadot
voicetech.com6,500 USD2022-12-03GoDaddy
propertyladder.com5,349 USD2022-12-03DropCatch
cmmgroup.com4,000 USD2022-12-03DropCatch
kitchenplus.com3,950 USD2022-12-03NameJet
aspku.com3,000 USD2022-12-03Dynadot
aiktt.com2,701 USD2022-12-03GoDaddy
halftimerec.com2,675 USD2022-12-03GoDaddy
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Note: Please keep in mind that these are top .COM domain sales report on 12/03/2022 that have been reported today 12/06/2022, It is not a complete list.