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nataliecole.com51,000 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
dewvpn.com26,000 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
digitalhome.com20,000 USD2022-09-24NameJet
theologydegreesonline.com10,000 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
opencampus.com9,955 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
ikisahil.com7,500 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
aceteam.com6,100 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
alexsmallcreations.com5,101 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
theatomiclounge.com4,600 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
personalbrandingbook.com4,545 USD2022-09-24GoDaddy
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Note: Please keep in mind that these are top domain sales report on 09/24/2022 that have been reported today 09/25/2022 It is not a complete list.