sold for $ 15,499 yesterday September 17, 2022. Domains related to “Tech” are trending.

sportech.com15,499 USD2022-09-17NameJet
youngforever.com5,300 USD2022-09-17GoDaddy
advancedorthopedics.com5,088 USD2022-09-17BuyDomains
understandingduchamp.com5,000 USD2022-09-17GoDaddy
stemgeneration.com4,288 USD2022-09-17BuyDomains
talktosonic.com4,200 USD2022-09-17GoDaddy
shareplan.com3,913 USD2022-09-17NameJet
drivinghope.com3,788 USD2022-09-17BuyDomains
codehelppro.com3,736 USD2022-09-17GoDaddy
mediatoday.com3,700 USD2022-09-17GoDaddy
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Note: Please keep in mind that these are top domain Sales report 09/17/2022 that have been reported today 09/18/2022 It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value.