Quilliamfoundation.org is the top .ORG domain sales report on 12/22/2021.

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Note: Please keep in mind that these are top .com domain Sales report on 12/22/2021 that have been reported today 12/23/2021. It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value

quilliamfoundation.org19,500 USD2021-12-22GoDaddy
iced.org3,057 USD2021-12-22GoDaddy
otcsafety.org2,037 USD2021-12-22DropCatch
linkresearchlab.org1,650 USD2021-12-22DropCatch
vitc.org1,563 USD2021-12-22BuyDomains
ccwrc.org1,001 USD2021-12-22GoDaddy
webrootsquad.org1,000 USD2021-12-22GoDaddy
chadembassy.org896 USD2021-12-22GoDaddy
demographicpartitions.org815 USD2021-12-22GoDaddy
amsascorecard.org691 USD2021-12-22NameJet