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Note: Please keep in mind that these are ccTLDs domain Sales report the past week that have been reported today 11/26/2021. It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value

cap.io50,000 USD2021-11-20Sedo
instabox.es11,195 USD2021-11-24Sedo
lol.ai9,999 USD2021-11-19Park.io
convert.me7,409 USD2021-11-19Sedo
birks.co.uk6,664 USD2021-11-24Sedo
poplar.co4,399 USD2021-11-25Namoxy
taxpal.de3,941 USD2021-11-22Sedo
xpj.cc3,800 USD2021-11-23GoDaddy
workscout.de3,395 USD2021-11-19Sedo
weedshop.de3,394 USD2021-11-19Sedo
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