Tipland.de and Tippland.de are the two highest selling .DE domains in the past week.

tippland.de9,422 USD2021-08-16Sedo
tipland.de9,422 USD2021-08-16Sedo
finanzstarter.de8,356 USD2021-08-18Sedo
dachzeltberatung.de5,662 USD2021-08-13Sedo
homerunner.de3,527 USD2021-08-13Sedo
prominent24.de2,943 USD2021-08-16Sedo
design-market.de2,923 USD2021-08-19Sedo
immotuning.de351 USD2021-08-19Sedo
gezockt.de351 USD2021-08-19Sedo
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