DYW.com, this domain name was purchased for 55,001 USD on 06/21/2021 and today (September 8, 2021) sold for only 41,000 USD.

dyw.com41,000 USD2021-08-09NameJet
pypa.com8,000 USD2021-08-09Flippa
moneyhacks.com6,900 USD2021-08-09GoDaddy
htwares.com5,250 USD2021-08-09DropCatch
reinforcements.com5,050 USD2021-08-09DropCatch
divorceanswers.com4,888 USD2021-08-09BuyDomains
steeleraddicts.com4,650 USD2021-08-09GoDaddy
connectoklahoma.com4,000 USD2021-08-09BuyDomains
bestyields.com4,000 USD2021-08-09BuyDomains
snackhistory.com3,550 USD2021-08-09GoDaddy
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