Webdu.com and leeo.com are top .com sales on 07/23/2021

Leeo.com was purchased for only 11,253 USD on 07/23/2021. This domain was sold at Sedo in 2013 for $20,000.

leeo.com11,253 USD2021-07-23GoDaddy
webdu.com5,437 USD2021-07-23Dynadot
greenvillehomes.com4,600 USD2021-07-23NameJet
zetterstrom.com4,588 USD2021-07-23BuyDomains
drivewheel.com4,250 USD2021-07-23BuyDomains
flavourfactory.com3,588 USD2021-07-23BuyDomains
hamptonhomes.com3,383 USD2021-07-23DropCatch
thinksavings.com3,088 USD2021-07-23BuyDomains
generalpublicart.com3,000 USD2021-07-23Sedo
lifesizemodels.com2,888 USD2021-07-23BuyDomains
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Note: Please keep in mind that these are .NET Top Domain Sales report for 07/23/2021 that have been reported today 07/23/2021. It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Since Many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers.