Is The Top Sale, Sold 18,600 USD – Top Domain Sales Report 02/23/2019.

Note: Please keep in mind that these are the Top Domain Sales report for 02/23/2019 that have been reported today 02/24//2019. It is not a complete list documenting ALL high value domain sales. Since Many sales are kept private at the insistence of buyers, sellers

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arcus.com18,600 USD2019-02-23NameJet
demotix.com9,400 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
artroom.com5,101 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
88680.com3,800 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
bs7.com2,852 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
bs9.com2,577 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
bs5.com2,550 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
cloudium.com2,471 USD2019-02-23DropCatch
79983.com2,000 USD2019-02-23NameJet
qinian.com2,000 USD2019-02-23NameJet
poex.com1,845 USD2019-02-23NameJet
nebula.co1,751 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
xiaoyuzhou.com1,580 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
56129.com1,500 USD2019-02-23NameJet
97837.com1,500 USD2019-02-23NameJet
15263.com1,500 USD2019-02-23NameJet
mmjvapes.com1,234 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
cashball.com1,160 USD2019-02-23NameJet
51544.com1,100 USD2019-02-23NameJet
vividimages.com1,091 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
71455.com1,000 USD2019-02-23NameJet
70455.com1,000 USD2019-02-23NameJet
inclusiveinnovation.com927 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy
delifilmizle.net861 USD2019-02-23GoDaddy