.GURU – With a .guru domain name extension, your knowledge, advise, insight and wise teachings will have a domain that highlights your skills. You’re an expert and your domain name should say so!

.ACADEMY – If education is your passion, .ACADEMY is your domain. It’s the perfect choice for everything from primary schools to elite universities to professional organizations

.AGENCY – From advertising and public relations to adoption and employment, .AGENCY is a new domain that instantly tells visitors you have the talent, knowledge and connections to help them accomplish their goals, whatever they might be.

.BARGAINS – This domain offers attention-grabbing Web addresses to clothing outlets, travel agencies, discount stores and any other business that specializes in quality goods or services at discount prices.

.BUILDERS – If you’re a home builder, contractor, remodeling firm or commercial construction company, there’s one more tool you need: a .BUILDERS domain. It gives you a Web address that’s easy for customers to find and remember.

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