If your domain name has expired, you can still transfer it to another registrar during the renewal grace period. It must be transferred before it falls into redemption, however. The length of the grace period differs by domain name extension. Most general top-level domain name extensions, gTLDs, like .com and .net have an 18-day grace period between expiration and redemption. Country-code extensions, ccTLDs, like .ca and .jp, might have very different grace periods or no grace period at all.

To Transfer Expired Domain Names

  1. Unlock the domain name. For more information, see Can I unlock an expired domain name?.
  2. Get the domain name’s authorization code, if required. See Can I email the authorization code for an expired domain name? for information.
  3. (Optional) Initiate and authorize the transfer with your new registrar. Once the transfer is authorized, we notify you of the pending transfer.
  4. Accept or deny the transfer. See Accepting or Declining a Transfer to Another Registrar for information.

If you do not accept or deny the transfer request within five days, we automatically complete the transfer.

For information about transferring an expired domain name to us, see Can I transfer an expired domain name?


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