Due to Registration Authority regulation changes from ICANN (the Internet’s governing body), we’ve made two changes to our SSL offerings.


Maximum Issuance Length

This new regulation sets the maximum length of time for which we can issue SSL certificates to 39 months.

Because we only offer SSL certificates on an annual basis this means customers will only be able to:

  • Purchase new certificates with a maximum issuance length of 3 years
  • Renew existing certificates for a maximum of 3 years

This policy is set to completely take effect on July, 1 2014.

Fortunately, this regulation change doesn’t impact SSL certificates we’ve already issued that fall outside the 39-month limit. However, when those customers’ SSL certificates are up for renewal, they cannot renew them outside the new maximum issuance length of 3 years.

Free SSL Credits Only Offered for 1 Year

Starting July 1, 2014, free SSL certificate credits offered with some products are only free for the first year. After the certificate’s first year, customers will have the option to renew their SSL certificates for our renewal pricing.

An Example of the Change

Previously, free SSL credits were given to customers for the same length of time as the parent product’s purchase length. If a customer purchased an Ultimate-level hosting plan for 5 years, they received a credit for a free SSL with a 5-year issuance length.

However, that credit would fall outside the maximum issuance length we can offer because of this new regulation. This use-case is what compelled us to change the issuance-length of free SSL credits. To adhere to ICANN’s policy and create a consistent user experience, we’ve decided to offer free SSL credits with a 1-year issuance length.

Starting July 1, 2014, if a customer purchase an Ultimate-level hosting plan for 5 years, the free SSL credit they receive expires one year from the date of purchase. At its expiration, our customers can choose to renew it for our SSL certificate renewal price.

Customers with existing certificate credits greater than 3 years can continue to use them until July 1, 2015. After that date, using either a 4- or 5-year issuance length credit will create a certificate with an issuance length of 3 years.


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