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We are sure that there are many articles with the topics about “how to register a good domain name?” or “how to select a good domain name for your website?” …These kind of articles are very interesting and useful for domainers to select and register a good domain name for their web site. This article is the sum up of “all the good advices” and some new advices through our domaining experience. We hope that this article give you some fresh ideas about how to select and register a good domain for your website.

Seven Main Points To Consider for a Domain Name:

1 – Short Domain is better

The maximum length for a domain name is 67 characters. It is better to name your domain name short, Why? It is easy to remember a short domain name than a long one. It is also easier to create a logo to match with a short domain than a long one. A short domain is also brandable, recognizable, and not easy to misspell. 

*** It does not mean that all long domains are not good. If you look at: or … they are quite good ones too, brandable, recognizable. So in some cases, long domain names are also good to register it for your web site.

2 – Easy To Remember

It is easy for us to remember domains such as:,, …Why? The answer is “They are generic domains”. You can remember generic domain names easier than not generic ones and you also easy to remember domain names like:,… since they are unique domains. So if you can not register your domain from generic words, try to register it with something that easy to stick in the mind. 

3 – Hyphens or No Hyphens

Hyphens or not, it depends on your web site target. We would like to point out some not good points and good points:

– Not good points: It is not easy to remember a domain with hyphens. Sometimes web users will forget to type the hyphens.

– Good points: Most of good domain names without hyphens are gone and you may still have chances to get a domain name with hyphens with rich informative for your web site. A rich informative domain means a domain that contains good key words for your business and this will help your site get better search engine ranking.

4 –  Name Your Domain  with Popular Prefixes “i” “e” “The”, and “My”

Most of the generic-word domains are gone and you may still have chance to register a domain name with prefixes such as: “i” “e” “The” and “My”.  They are quite good if they go together with a generic domain like:, iPhone,, …. they are easy to stick in the mind since they are quite unique ones. Just keep in mind that when you promote your web site, you need to promote your web site with the full form of the domain name. This will help people to remember the prefixes easier.

(Note: has been sold for $750000)

5- Dot COM, ORG, NET, INFO ???

Dot com is king! Look at the top domain sale list history, You will see they are all dot com. Dot com is always the first choice for you to register a domain for your web site. If dot com is not available, you can consider to register the other domain extensions.

6 – Hard To Misspell and NOT Easy to Be Confused

Try to register a domain that is “Hard To Misspell and NOT Easy to Be Confused“. If you can not register a domain like that, you should consider registering the other variants of your domain name to drive traffic to your domain name. (If your domain is, you should register,,, … )

7- Related To Your Business

It will be the best if your business name matches with a key word of your business. In this case your business name is the first choice to register domain name for your web site. In case your business name is very long and/ or not related to key words of your business, you can consider registering a short domain name with rich informative about your business key words.

There is another way to consider about how to register a good domain for your web site through 4C-Model domain valuation:

The shorter a Domain Name is, the better. Apart from being easier to remember and spell, a short name has more impact and a high recall value. Five characters or less is ideal, and anything more than 20 characters has a substantially lower value.

Ultimately, a Domain Name attains its value from its potential to drive traffic and deliver revenue to a business – in short, its marketability. Since branding is key to establishing a strong online presence, Domain Names that are based on well-known phrases, or are closely associated with a business opportunity with a sizable market share, enjoy a favorable position.

Location is everything, and many want to live in such coveted neighborhoods or cities as Beverly Hills, New York City, Paris, Singapore, or Hong Kong. That’s equally true of premium cyberspace. On the Internet, everyone prefers to dwell in the .com neighborhood. It’s the top-level domain (TLD) that embodies instant branding, and .com names enjoy a premium rating. (*** .com domain registration is the key)

Take a look for the domain sold history and utilize these as the Comps for determining the value of a similar subject Domain Name. By doing so, we ensure that our Appraisal reflects current fair market value.

We do hope that this will give you some fresh ideas about how to register a good domain name for your web site.


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